I guess the title of this post is misleading. It should read:

My scrum meetings are sometimes too long.

Scrum meetings are important. Whether it be a team of 12 or just 2, we go around the room and discuss what we worked on yesterday, what we're going to work on today, and if there are any blockers that are keeping us for completing our sprint tasks.

Blockers are handled as soon as possible so that everyone can get to work for the current sprint.

By the end of this meeting, everyone on the product team has an idea of the status of the project. Scrum meetings keep everyone on the same page.

The problem

Most of us do not want to be in meetings if we can help it. Sometimes, scrum meetings unintentionally go way too long and from what I can see, I'm the only one that notices.

A colleague would talk about what he or she is going to work on today and that starts a conversation with three other developers there. Before you know it, two minutes have passed and we still haven't moved on to the next person's update in the scrum meeting.

If you're in a team of 12 people, that's 8 other people just sitting there waiting to give their update. Also, they may not have anything to do with what's being talked about.

The solution

Push back. Yes. Whether you're the technical lead or not, push back. Keep the meeting flowing and suggest another meeting for whatever conversation the other four developers are having. I guarantee no one will have a problem with that.

As far as any tips, keep your update simple and leave details out of it. That will keep that scrum meeting flowing so you can get back to your computer sooner and start working.